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Builds with Maven

November 8, 2007

After having all the code for version 1.3 and the JUnit-Tests it seems to be the right time to get my „build-management“ a little more professional. Therefore I decided to use the build-tool maven from Apache. Maven offers a lot of features which make it quite complex. I had to dicide whether to change the whole project-struture into the Maven-standard or to tell Maven somehow, what my structure looks like. I’ve chosen the last option. Unfortunately the integration into Eclipse is not optimal, so I run Maven from the shell.

After several tries I suceeded to adapt Maven’s pom.xml in a way, that represents my current project. For the beginning it looks not too bad. But it surely will need some more time, to get fully into all the features and to get to the point where i can let Maven do all the buildings for complete releases.

Let’s see how far I come 🙂

Cu, Benjamin