News after a long time …

Well, first of all I’m really sorry for publishing so few news of my project. BeaGTex isn’t dead, but the the amount of free-time has gotten realy small after releasing version 1.3. More and more features are in the que waiting to be implemented. Unfortunately my job really is a little stressy at the moment, because there are several deadlines for my projects. And of course there is another important change in my life that you may be interested in. Im going to marry in April, so for the next weeks there won’t be too much time i can use to improve BeaGTex. But thats good news anyway isn’t it? πŸ™‚

After explaining all this there’s one really inspiring fact: The number of downloads. It’s really unbelievable for me, seeing BeaGTex 1.3 downloaded more then 50 times every month. It seems BeaGTex 1.3 is the most popular version I ever produced (more than 160 downloads since released!!!). Seems like you all like it πŸ™‚

So a great THANK YOU to all my helpers and of course to you all, using my editor. Seeing this interest one thin is sure: BeaGTex will be improved more and more.

Let’s see how far I come …

Cu, Benjamin


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